Published: Jun 17, 2011 9:27 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 17, 2011 9:46 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla - There is some good news for Florida's job market.

New numbers released Friday show the state's unemployment rate dropped in May for the fifth straight month.

It's now at 10.6%

That's down .2 percent from April.

But the number is still a percent and a half higher than the national unemployment rate for May.

In Southwest Florida the job outlook is mixed.

In Lee County unemployment held steady while in surrounding counties unemployment actually rose.

Over the last few months some businesses across Southwest Florida have shut their doors for good.

Others are closed for season.

But there's also the risk takers, who are opening businesses in the summer adding a jolt to the area.

"We take the chance. Let's say we are courageous and we take the chance the right now," said  Anna Ciamparella, owner of Downtown Italy.

In just a few weeks she'll open her restaurant in downtown Fort Myers.

Currently construction crews are updating the restaurant and delivering the furniture.

Ciamparella plans on hiring more than a dozen people from cooks to wait staff.

Opening a restaurant can be a leap of faith, but Ciamparella is up for the challenge.

"You always have doubts until you open the door. planning we are opening the door as soon as possible," she said.

While she's opening her doors, other businesses and restaurants have closed theirs.

For sale or for lease signs drape in windows.

In North Fort Myers at Marinatown, several businesses closed in the last few months...

While times are tough other businesses are carving out a special niche.

"I always do everything different," said Christina Jarmolinski, owner of Syzygy.

Syzygy is an art gallery in downtown Fort Myers.

Jarmolinski paints, makes jewelry, teaches classes, and has workshops.

The art gallery relies heavily on the monthly Art Walk.

"Without the events I don't think anyone could succeed down here," she said.

Even though season is over some other businesses in downtown Fort Myers are planning to expand, which means more job opportunities.

Until then the unemployment rate could continue to stay steady.