Published: Jun 17, 2011 9:26 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 17, 2011 9:20 PM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla.- Firefighters from eleven different states are currently en route to help local resources fight five separate fires all burning on Big Cypress National Preserve.

On Friday, the blaze wasn't impacting any populated areas, but firefighters fear it could spread due to the drought conditions.

Local resources are exhausted, as Big Cypress National Preserve gears up for yet another fight against wildfires. The preserve recently contained the more than 38,000 acre Jarhead fire, only to see five more wildfires spark on Sunday and Monday.

Now, they're calling in backup from across the country.

"Because of the severe dry conditions, the numbers of fires that we're dealing with and the likelihood of these fires growing and more fire starting, we recognized the need to bring in additional resources," Bob Degross of Big Cypress National Preserve said Friday.

Fire Operations Manager Dave Walker traveled all the way from Rhode Island to help control the 9,500 acre blaze.

"We've got folks in the field that are starting to get a good picture of what we've got for fire behavior and activity," Walker said Friday.

As crews from across the state and nation battle the five fires, they warn driving conditions could be impacted over the weekend.

"We're just encouraging drivers as they drive across the state to be aware that there could be heavy smoke conditions, especially earlier in the morning and later in the afternoon," Degross said.

On Friday afternoon, there were 16 firefighters battling the blaze, but by the end of the weekend firefighters hope to have at least 60 additional crews out in the field.