Published: Jun 16, 2011 10:08 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 16, 2011 4:42 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla.- A fire started at around 6:30 pm Wednesday night inside the cart barn at Whiskey Creek Country Club. Neighbors first smelled the smoke and called 911.

 last night there was speculation the fire was caused by a grill...we have since learned that is not true.
   it's an electrical fire...investigators were on scene all morning long...sifting through the ash-- trying to piece together what happened.
   we know thirty six golf carts were destroyed.
   the building is a complete loss.
    i spoke with one man whose golf cart was lost in the fire.
    though he's upset his property is gone...he's relieved no one was injured because the fire was so bad.

There was originally speculation the fire was caused by a grill, but it  is believed to be caused by an electrical fire.

Investigators sifted through the ash trying to piece together what happened Thursday morning. Thirty six golf carts were destroyed and the building is a complete loss.   

"I thought what was going on so I looked down and all I could see was the yellow flame and the smoke," said Dr. Chuck Friedrich, a Wiskey Creek resident.

When firefighters arrived the building was already engulfed. Nearly 40 golf carts were burning inside.

"We have somewhere around 20 families that put their carts in the barn.. they've lost their carts, they've lost their golf clubs," said resident Missy Shaw.

Despite strong winds, firefighters contained the blaze quickly and were able to save the neighboring clubhouse.

Nearby homeowners watched in shock.

"I was a little surprised I was afraid it was the club house.. because you couldn't see it was all black smoke. And I do mean black smoke," Friedrich continued.

Firefighters are continuing to investigate what sparked the blaze... but say they're confident it was not weather related.