Published: Jun 16, 2011 10:24 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 16, 2011 7:47 PM EDT

You might have to dig deeper into your pocketbook to dine out at some of your favorite, local restaurants.    Some eateries are raising prices, to cope with higher fuel and food costs.  

"I am petrified," said Oasis Restaurant co-owner Bonnie Grunberg about raising prices.    "We are trying to offset it with some new menu items.  But we have to raise drink prices by a dime, to cope with higher coffee and tea costs.   I just hope for volume to get us through this time."

Blu Sushi also is raising some prices.   Manager Amy Lawrence told us:  "I think everyone knows what has happened with fuel costs.   It is the economy.   Some people accept it, some completely complain.   But what are you going to do?   Sometimes, you just have to do it (raise prices)."

Prawnbroker restaurant also has upped prices by about 10 percent, according to one of the owners.   Seafood buyer Tony Skrzypek blames fuel costs and a series of natural disasters for the higher prices.   "Scallops cost a lot more because of bad storms off New England.   Haddock also went up in cost.   And shrimp prices remain high, because of the BP oil spill in the gulf," he told WINK.

Customer Alexis Boye is finding a way to stretch her dining-out dollars.   "I look for things like lunch specials.   That helps a lot," she said.