Published: Jun 14, 2011 10:17 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 14, 2011 9:55 PM EDT


LEE COUNTY, FL-University students and parents are most likely going to see a hike in tuition this year.

It's orientation time again at Florida Gulf Coast University. Among the students and parents getting their first taste of life on campus are the Grunskis's

Diane Grunskis says, "We're here for our son's freshmen orientation. He'll be starting in the fall."

Perhaps just in time for a 15 percent increase in tuition.
The legislature has already ordered an 8 percent increase for next year and all Florida Universities, including FGCU have voted or are expected to vote for an additional 7 percent increase.

Grunskis says"Ouch, that's rough. Rough on the kids, rough on the parents.We've gotta do whatever we can do, so these kids don't have loans when they graduate from college.'

Some students don't have a choice.

Senior Meghan Miller says,"I'm going to be paying for my loans getting out of school."

Meghan Miller, a transfer student paying out of state tuition,  she says she already has tens of thousands of dollars in loan debt.

"I think that it's so hard for us to go to school. Especially in this economy today."

Florida Universities say with budget cuts, they're going through tough times too.
A state university system analysis shows last year a tuition increase saved or created 947 jobs for faculty members and advisers and saved or added 4,318 course sections.
Something miller just wishes she didn't have to pay for.

"We're doing something great, we're going and getting our education, I think right now our tuition should be less or keep it as is."