Published: Jun 06, 2011 9:53 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 06, 2011 9:53 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- Mosquito season is in full swing. Lee County experts say they haven't seen swarms this bad since they started keeping records 25 years ago.

Chances are, you've already had a first-hand encounter with mosquito season.

"Torture! It itches, I just can't bare it. I just want to get away from it," Caloosa Bayview resident Regina Cortez said Monday.

Lee County Mosquito Control has four to five aircraft up each day, spraying day and night to keep the itchy insects at bay. A new feature on their website even allows you to plug in your location, to let them know if the pests are swarming out of control.

"That information is put in with the telephone requests, which is then made up into map which we provide to our supervisors, so they know where people are having a problem," Shelly Redovan of Lee County Mosquito Control said Monday.

So far, coastal areas like Pine Island, Sanibel, and Iona-McGregor are the hardest hit this mosquito season. But Mosquito Control is flooded with calls from across the county. In just the month of May, they received about 1,700 complaints.

"If it's an area that someone's complaining about and our other trapping isn't showing that, we will send an inspector out to see where the other mosquitoes are and if they have them," Redovan said.

Experts credit the busy season to low tides and dry weather...providing a predator-free breeding ground for the insects in marshy areas. In the meantime, those that are mosquito intolerant say they're doing all they can to dodge the pests.

"Cape Coral, the Rose Garden area, yesterday we were bitten alive over there. Couldn't stand it, had to get out of there!" Cortez laughed.

To make a request for Mosquito Control to spray your area, visit Lee County Mosquito Control District's website at