Published: May 29, 2011 2:46 PM EDT
Updated: May 29, 2011 2:49 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla.- Sometimes finding a fun and affordable activity your entire family can do during the summer can be challenging.

But here's an idea: Kids Bowl Free.

The Bressette family first learned about the program last summer.

"It's awesome," said Catherine Bressette, who has two daughters. "We had so much fun last summer that we were so excited to do it again this year."

Bressette told WINK News her daughters loved the sport so much they joined a local bowling league.

"It's fun because you get to meet new friends," said Catlin Bressette, 8, who plans to bowl throughout the summer.

Catlin's sister Deirdre is also hooked on the sport.

"I like getting strikes," said Deirde Bressette.

The program is free for kids 15 and under, but there's a way for the entire family to participate.

"[The family pass] is just $24.95 and they pay that rate online and up to four adults will receive two free games all summer," said Darin Spindler, co-creator of the program.

That's what gave the Bressette family the chance to bowl together. Due to financial reasons they were unable to afford outings.

"It was really good for us. It kept us together and we had something to do out of the house," said Bressette.

The program's goal is also to get kids to exercise and live a healthier lifestyle.

"Bowling is a great way to get off the couch, get away from the video games and actually exercise," explained Spindler.

This program is made possible with the help of local bowling alleys that give away tens of thousands of free games each summer to families.

To learn more about Kids Bowl Free, visit the organization's Web site: