Published: May 27, 2011 10:13 PM EDT
Updated: May 27, 2011 10:15 PM EDT

Lee County, Fla.-Debra Lawrence says what happened at the home her brother shared with Judy Kibblin is a nightmare she can't shake.

Lee County deputies say her brother William Albury killed 60-year-old Kibblin in her mobile home Thursday morning, then threatened to kill himself. Lawrence came upon the scene and called 911.

"I just know it's so far out of his character. So far," Lawrence says.

Lawrence says her brother was frantic when he called her to the mobile home.

"He opened the door for me. He had a gun right here -- a rifle," she says, pointing to her neck.

"I walked in the door, and the bedroom was to the right, and I saw Judy laying there, and I knew when I went in there, into the room -- I knew that she was gone."

Albury eventually surrendered and told deputies he and Kibblin were arguing, she had grabbed a gun, and it went off.

Authorities found two shell casings at the scene, and Albury changed his story, saying they struggled over the gun and it accidentally fired.

Albury faces one count of second degree murder.

At the tight-knit AMVETS post where Kibblin volunteered as a bartender, co-workers are struggling to cope.

 "It's a huge loss," says Cheryl Lawyer, who trained Kibblin for the job.

"There was nobody that Judy didn't touch. If you met Judy, she touched you."

Lawyer says AMVETS is planning a memorial service and a toast in honor of a woman they say was loved by many.

"She did so much for so many. Why take her?" Lawyer says.