Published: May 24, 2011 3:51 PM EDT
Updated: May 24, 2011 2:48 AM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla. - UPDATE: The Riverdale High School teen who brought a stockpile of weapons onto school property made a first appearance in court Tuesday morning and was ordered by the judge to spend 21 days at the juvenile detention center. He may be able to get out early if he has a mental evaluation and the judge approves his release. Otherwise he'll be back in court next month.

The teen's father said in court on Tuesday that his son had bad judgment, but he was worried about the Rapture. 

The Riverdale student entered the courtroom and smiled at his parents.  

His dad argued for him to come home and stay out of the juvenile detention center, but in a twist, his mom argued for him to stay behind bars.

The student's mother said she doesn't trust her son at home with his father. 

The judge sided with her and his father tried to explain his son's actions. 

The teen's father said," It was a preparation of Saturday...the situation with the world ending, the rapture and so forth." He said,"People get crazy in situations like that. I think he might have be prepared for something like that. I don't know." 


ORIGINAL: A Lee County teenager faces a series of felony weapons charges after deputies discover an 'arsenal' in his car outside a Lee County school.

Sheriff's reports show the 17-year-old suspect told school officials he had the weapons to protect himself after seeing news reports of the coming 'Rapture.'

"What we know right now is of serious concern, especially on a school campus," Sheriff Mike Scott said.

The investigation began with reports of a teen with a gun at Riverdale High School during a non-school event on Saturday.  School officials located a possible suspect Monday morning.  When asked if he had anything he should not have, sheriff's reports show he said, "Yes... a lot."

Deputies found three shotguns, a loaded semi-automatic handgun, a loaded revolver, two bayonet-style knives and several boxes of ammunition.

"He offered the reasoning of the 'Rapture,'" Sheriff Scott said.  "That was his reasoning, the 'Rapture.'"

Sheriff's reports show the teen told school officials he was "fearful the world was going to end" and "wanted to be able to protect himself."

Sheriff Scott says there are far more questions to ask about the teen's motives, considering several other items also found in the teen's car.

"Masks, gloves, bolt cutters.  These are items that are only used for a certain number of things," the Sheriff said.  "What do you use a mask with?  To conceal yourself."

Deputies say, as a graduating senior, the teen was not required to be at school Monday, leading investigators to question his motives for being there.

Signs outside Riverdale clearly state that weapons are not allowed.

Sheriff Scott said he knows of no clear threat made, but the weapons stash speaks for itself.

"Even absent the threat, having that stuff causes great concern," Sheriff Scott said.  "What we do know so far is that was a heck of an arsenal to have on a school campus."

Publicly-available records show the teen has no prior arrests in Lee County.  Prosecutors will decide whether the teen will be charged as an adult.