Published: May 24, 2011 4:21 AM EDT
Updated: May 24, 2011 12:45 AM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. -- Deputies arrest a Collier County teenager for vandalizing more than a dozen cars near Gulf Coast High School. Slashing tires, ripping up the interior and carving obscenities into the paint and deputies say she was drunk when she did it.

A 16 year-old girl is facing 17 felony charges and several misdemeanor charges. WINK News is not naming the girl because of her age but she allegedly walked up to several cars, keyed them and even broke in all after deputies say she'd been drinking.

"You work hard for it and then come here to see what happens. it kind of makes you sick," said Buddy Quarles.

Quarles just bought his daughter a brand new car for her Sweet 16th birthday.

"It was like a nightmare when I first pulled up. I got out, I touched it and it was real," said Quarles.

His daughter's car was one of 14 that were vandalized near Gulf Coast High School in Naples Monday.

Vulgar words were etched into the sides of cars, seats slashed and tires were pierced. Collier County deputies arrested a 16 year-old who they say had been drinking when she defaced property belonging to others. Parents are in shock.

"Its disheartening and sad. My kids are 16. 15 and 16. I can't imagine," said Robert Amara, a parent to a child who had their car vandalized.

"You get speechless because you can't believe kids do this," said Melissa Amara, a parent.

WINK News tried to talk to the 16 year-old charged or her parents but no one was home. Quarles and others who are left dealing with the damage said its unsettling but they plan to press charges.

"You work hard for something all your life to give it to your daughter. Something nice to drive and then there are people like that in the world? it's a shame," said Quarles.

The parking lot where it happened is at a church which is just next door to Gulf Coast High School. Parents tell WINK News they pay the church to let students park there.

There are no security cameras but several parents want to change that.