Published: May 20, 2011 8:57 PM EDT
Updated: May 20, 2011 9:01 PM EDT

NORTH FORT MYERS-For years, crooks have been targeting air conditioner units across Southwest Florida.
One air conditioner theft in the Suncoast Estates in North Fort Myers -- has a very unusual twist.
The thief leaves a threatening note for the home owners.

Reporter Sarah Pusateri asks, "I heard your AC unit someone took it hostage and wrote you a note. Doug Briggs replies, "Yes maam."

Forget being sneaky about it, Briggs says, the man who took his AC unit wanted his identity known.

"The note says he was going to destroy my house. There was a threat right there."

He says it was a ransom note for his air conditioner and it said, "Doug, this is Mike, got your ac unit. You owe me $150.00 plus interest call me. Then he left his number and added, "Next i destroy your house."

"I was kinda upset because I don't have an AC unit, I need ac, it's so hot in there."

Reporter Sarah Pusateri says, "We're told neighbors actually witnessed a man grab the ac unit, walk down the street with it, then grab a bat and smash the window. In this hole is where the ransom note was found."

Briggs says a neighbor called deputies who asked him to call the number left on the ransom note.

According to the report, Briggs initially said he didn't know who Mike was, then deputies asked him to call the number on his phone.

"We called that number, I was trying to figure out who that was."

Deputies say Mike's full name popped up on Brigg's phone, saved as a contact. At that point deputies say, Briggs remembered.

"I really can't explain that right now, it will mess up the investigation."

For now, Briggs says he's borrowed another AC unit from a friend refusing to give in to the kidnappers demands.

Sarah Pusateri asks, "Are you nervous about this Mike guy? Briggs replies, "Naaaaahhhhhh."