Published: May 18, 2011 5:22 PM EDT
Updated: May 18, 2011 5:28 PM EDT

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla.- Deputy Jason Russell responded to 9574 Spring Cir, Port Charlotte on Tuesday in reference to a vehicle burglary that had just occurred. Other CCSO units also responded, as well as a K9 Deputy. Upon arrival to the area, a perimeter was set up around the crime scene.

Deputy Russell made contact with Ryne Gervais, Joseph Finnegan, Brandon Warner,and Daniel Brutus. Deputy Russell was told that several subjects had just broken into Brutus’ vehicle. It was explained that they had just returned from dropping off a friend in Punta Gorda and when they turned on to Spring Cir. they observed two white males with crowbars attempting to break into Brutus’ vehicle.

Gervais stated he gave chase of the subjects, but was unable to catch them. Gervais described the subjects as being white males with dark clothing and a crowbar.

Finnegan stated he was the passenger of the truck being driven by Gervais (going back to the residence after they dropped off their friend) and when they turned the corner on Spring Cir; they both observed two white males breaking into Brutus’ vehicle. Finnegan stated he went inside to alert Brandon Warner and Daniel Brutus, but by the time they came back outside, the subjects had fled the area.

Deputy Russell checked the damage on Brutus’ vehicle, and found the passenger door to have been caved in, but found no signs of the door being hit with a crowbar. Deputy Russell also observed a scratch on the center of the door and questioned if the vehicle had recently been involved in a traffic crash. The scratch was fresh and had black paint transfer from another vehicle.

Deputy Russell then checked the vehicle that was driven by Gervais and found there to be silver paint transfer on the right rear bumper.

In discussion, Deputy Russell discovered Gervais and Finnegan lied about vehicle burglary and that Gervais backed his truck into Brutus’ vehicle as he was leaving earlier in the morning.

After obtaining this information, Deputy Russell advised K9 to cancel his emergency response as well as the other 6 deputies who responded to the call and were holding a perimeter around the alleged crime scene.

The dispatched call was treated as an emergency response. All units responded to the emergency situation in a fashion that possibly could have put lives in danger.

Deputy Russell determined that Brandon Warner, and Daniel Brutus were inside the residence at Spring Cir. at the time of the alleged burglary and they too were deceived.

Deputy Russell placed both Finnegan and Gervais under arrest for filing a false police report. Both subjects were transported to the CCSO Jail where they were held on $1,000.00 bond.