Published: May 18, 2011 9:32 PM EDT
Updated: May 18, 2011 9:23 PM EDT

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla.- Tension is high as the Bonita Springs community comes together to fight for the future of their YMCA. Their "Y" is in jeopardy of closing by the end of the month because the facility's losing money. But many community members are crying foul.

In just thirteen days, the doors of the Bonita Springs YMCA are set to lock up for good. But in a last ditch effort, "Y" members packed Wednesday's City Council meeting, calling on city leaders help to keep their multi-million dollar facility open.

The YMCA's Board of Directors says the declining population in Bonita Springs and the economic recession have caused membership numbers to dwindle. But current members want to see the books...a request that's so far been denied.

City Council members sided with constituents during Wednesday's meeting, but say all they can do is request the "Y"'s Board of Directors release an audit of the chapter's finances and membership minutes.

In spite of today's packed house, YMCA organizers say their decision is unchanged.

"We're open to hearing all options, but at this point there isn't any options on the table right now that would change the effect of closing May 31st," YMCA City of Palms CEO Brandon Dowdy said Wednesday.

Despite the tight timetable, "Y" members say they aren't backing down.

"We have no plans to stop this fight. We are going to continue to be as passionate as we are today. We saw the city come out in force, and we're going to continue it," Bonita Springs YMCA member Richard Barber said.

The Bonita Springs City Council passed a motion on Wednesday, recommending the "Y" re-open their swimming pool, and release an audit of their finances and membership meeting minutes to the public.

Dowdy says he'll take the ideas back to the Board of Directors, but there's no word whether they will honor the council's request.