Published: May 16, 2011 10:38 PM EDT
Updated: May 16, 2011 10:37 PM EDT

LEHIGH ACRES, FL- A real estate company, tired of having their property burglarized over and over again decides to fight back!
They hired an armed former marine to keep watch and didn't have to wait long for results.

Owner of Sandbill Realty Group Courtney Neuhausel says, "Until someone actually makes it a point to go out and do something about this, it's actually going to get worse and worse."

That's why Neuhausel the co-owner of Sandbill realty group says he did about the reoccurring thefts to his Lehigh acres property.
He hired a security guard to stay overnight.

Neuhausel says, "We were just fed up, enough's enough."

The AC unit had  been stripped as well as the copper wiring in the attic, the last straw was when thieves bent the hurricane shutters and forced open a window.

"We saw indicator that they were setting the house up for an evening hit."

So his company hired Chris Atchley of CT security solutions to watch the house.

The former marine armed with an asp, a gun, and pepper spray, sat in the dark home, with no AC, and waited.

At around 11:30 at night, two men entered the house through the back door.
Atchley hit them in the face with pepper spray.

He says, "Both men, started screaming extremely loud and sounded ,like little girls, I've never heard grown men scream like that."

Atchley chased them for two blocks.

"They got away from me."

They left a four wheeler, apparently their escape vehicle.
Neuhausel isn't complaining.

"Our motto right now to criminals is ask yourself two questions when you stand in my driveway. The first question is, is that house really vacant? The second one is, when I get in how am I getting out."

He says next time, the thieves may not be so lucky.