Published: May 13, 2011 5:23 AM EDT
Updated: May 13, 2011 2:25 AM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla -- It was almost one month ago to the day that Cape Coral officer David Wagoner was shot three times during a traffic stop. Thankfully he's recovering. Thursday night, WINK's Genevieve Judge got the chance to play the role of an officer and learn just how quickly things turn dangerous during a traffic stop.

Cape Coral officers put Genevieve behind the wheel of a real police car with a fake gun in a holster ready to fire at a moments notice. The scenario was to drive a police car and stop another car that was being driven erratically.

During the scenario, Genevieve pulled over the car. When she went to talk to the driver, who was another officer, he kept telling her he needed to go somewhere else and that she was wasting his time. All ploys to try and distract an officer in a real life situation.

When Genevieve asked the driver for his insurance, the traffic stop turned dangerous. The driver was able to fire off several fake rounds, hitting Genevieve several times. She ran behind the car, fired back, but the suspect sped off, ending the scenario.

In the next scenario, Genevieve was stunned by a taser, learning first hand what a suspect could go through if he or she doesn't comply with officers. All the scenarios Thursday night were in place to show that traffic stops are anything but routine.

"My primary job is prepare the officers of this department to the best of my ability to get them home every night. There is nothing routine about walking up on a car that has unknown persons in it in the middle of the night by yourself," said Detective Jason Behun, Cape Coral Police Department

For officers, it's all about going home at the end of the night. They have a job to do to keep people safe but they do training like this year round to make sure they're safe on the road.