Published: May 10, 2011 11:36 PM EDT
Updated: May 10, 2011 8:37 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, FL- Is law enforcement fit for the job?.
WINK News uncovering major changes at the Lee County Sheriff's Office to make sure deputies, are in shape.

Lifting, punching, and breaking a sweat. All things Lee County deputies do on the job and now will most likely be doing more of in the gym.

"We want to stay as much on top of the game as we possibly can."

That's why sheriff Mike Scott is requiring all certified deputies and corrections officers to pass a fitness test by summer of 2012.

Captain Shane Hingson says, "If your job task says you have to run, you might have to run a 300 yard dash, were going to test you on your ability to scale a 6 foot fence."

This is regardless of age, gender, or physical fitness level.
Lee county plans to take different standards from other agencies and create their own system of fitness requirements.
Some exercises are tailored specifically to the job.

The Charlotte County sheriff's office has been requiring this of their deputies for two years now.

Sgt. Renee Fillize says, "We have a noticeable difference in the officer's fitness levels and their energy levels."

Fillize says it wasn't easy for everyone to achieve at first but deputies weren't given a choice.

"Everyone has to pass to maintain their jobs."

Lee county hasn't said yet what will happen to deputies that don't shed the weight and get in shape, but they say there will be "disciplinary action."
Instead they're hoping the "action" they see will be in here.

The sheriff's office says they are working with several gyms in the area to get deputies good deals on memberships.
They also say they have trainers in place that will help them towards their fitness goals.