Published: May 03, 2011 10:53 PM EDT
Updated: May 03, 2011 7:44 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla.- It's officially that time of year again-- love bug season. The pests are swarming Southwest Florida, and experts say they could be sticking around for a few more weeks.

They're pesky, persistent, and plastered on cars everywhere.

"Splat! There's a whole collection of them along the windshield wipers," Mary Curtis said on Tuesday, as she waited for a car wash.

Love bug season is in full swing and some experts say this year, the pockets of pests are thicker than ever.

"Everything is lining up right. It's just the perfect storm, so to speak. The weather, the humidity, the precipitation," UF Horticulture expert Stephen Brown said.

The mating menaces buzz through twice a year, normally in late April and August, and generally stick around for five to six weeks.

"Probably this is as much as it's going to get, as far as population. It might sustain this for a couple more days or weeks, but after that, it's going to drop off," Brown said.

In the meantime, the bugs are winding up on windshields and crusting on cars...bad news for drivers, but good news for Colonial Car Wash.

"We average about 12 bug scrubs a day, and the past two weeks we've been doing about 80 to 90 a day," manager Eric Hoffman said on Tuesday.

They say a little elbow grease is the best way to protect your paint job from the pests. As annoying as the swirling swarms may be, experts say these love bugs are positively harmless.

"I mean they're here for one thing at this time. Their name says it all. Love bugs," Brown said.

Colonial Car Wash reminds drivers to periodically scrub off the dead bugs. Their acidity can permanently eat through your car's top coat in a matter of days.