Published: Apr 20, 2011 4:53 AM EDT
Updated: Apr 20, 2011 1:53 AM EDT

CAPE CORAL , Fla. - Tuesday night, Cape Coral Police gave an update on crime in the city at the Neighborhood watch meeting. Police report in March alone, there were nearly 17,000 calls and 420 arrests.

Year-to-date, crime is down in just about every category.
-5 sex offenses - down 29 percent
-52 aggravated assaults - roughly the same.
-17 robberies - down 23 percent
-239 burglaries - down 9 percent
-644 thefts - roughly the same
-25 motor vehicle thefts - down 19 percent
-362 simple batteries - roughly the same
-1 arson - 50 percent decrease
-0 homicides.

The topic of gang activity came up, in light of last weekend's shooting of Cape Coral Police Officer David Wagoner.
The suspect we learned is a member of the gang KGB - or "Krazy Getdown Boys."
Officers say gang activity in Cape Coral is closely monitored by the department.
It's something that's been underlying, but certainly now has been brought to the forefront.

And on that note, officers gave the crowd an update on Officer David Wagoner's recovery.
Wagoner was upgraded to good condition, and they say he's doing well, and truly appreciates all the support he's gotten from the community.