Published: Apr 16, 2011 1:23 AM EDT
Updated: Apr 15, 2011 10:23 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla.-- Have you ever had that dream where you're flying high in the sky? 

A movie released Friday could have some people wishing for wings.

The animated feature film "Rio" follows a Blue Macaw named "Blu". Blu has been kept in a cage most of his life, and therefore, does not know how to fly.

As he watches his featherless friends (aka humans) taking flight via hang gliders, he unwillingly hops on board and gets the ride of his life.

20th Century Fox and the United States Hang Gliding and Para-Gliding Association have teamed up to promote the film and the sport by offering discounts to those brave enough to take to the sky.

WINK News reporter Lauren Pastrana decided to try her had at hang gliding Friday.

While gliders typically use a cliff to launch themselves from, the lack of tall peaks in Southwest Florida inspired Paradise Hang Gliding, a company based out of Bonita Springs, to take advantage of what the area has to offer-- the Gulf of Mexico.

Equipped with pontoons, the glider is towed on the back of a boat.

Once the wind is just right and the glider is at an appropriate height, those on board un-tether themselves and fly freely over the Gulf.

Unlike para-sailing where riders reach heights of about 300 feet, hang gliders can go anywhere from 1,500 to 2,500 feet depending on wind conditions.

The experience offers a first-hand bird's eye view unmatched in any movie.

"Blu in the movie is unable to fly because he was kept in a cage all his life," says Scot Trueblood of Paradise Hang Gliding, Inc. "And that's sort of metaphoric for a lot of people's self-imposed fears and their own limitations and things. Maybe this will help people get out and enjoy their lives a bit more."

In conjunction with the film's release, Paradise Hang Gliding is offering a special price to those who watch the movie. Just present your ticket stub from the film "Rio" and receive a 10 percent discount.

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"Rio" is rated G. It's also being shown in 3D.