Published: Apr 12, 2011 11:33 PM EDT
Updated: Apr 12, 2011 3:58 PM EDT

Lee County will demolish the Seafarer's Village on Fort Myers Beach, but it will not give the land to the town of the Beach.

"We cannot give away any land that we bought with tourist tax dollars," said Commissioner Ray Judah.   "We will work with the town to satisfy their needs."

The town wants the land to ease the traffic congestion on Estero Boulevard., as you drive on to the island.

"We need control of the land to solve our number one problem -- that is congestion on Estero.  That is probably the most congested piece of roadway in all of Lee County," said Mayor Larry Kiker of the beach.

Seafarer's Village was abandoned during the recession.  It used to be a lively mix of shops, bars and restaurants.   Now, many consider it an eye-sore. 

Lee Co. will tear it down and put in up to 65 parking spaces, that are much-needed on the beach.

The county also is developing some gulf-front property that was bought with the  village last year.

As for the town asking the county to give away property,  the commission chairman Frank Mann said:  "There does not seem to be a concensus on the board  to give control of the properties and assets to the town.  We will  talk with the town  about the assets, the parks and so forth, and if we feel the town could do a better job of operating those assets, then maybe we might do something.   Otherwise, it will continue to be status quo on ownership of the beach properties by the county."