Published: Apr 11, 2011 11:25 PM EDT
Updated: Apr 11, 2011 4:09 PM EDT

It's back into the pool, part three.  The Nationl Swimming Center Corp. of Texas is making another proposal to convert a baseball park into an aquatic center.
Lee County has rejected two earlier plans from the group.    The corporation wants to convert City of Palms Park in Ft. Myers to a world-class swim center.

"This proposal reduces the county risk to zero.   There is no county investment at all," said John Albion, a former Lee Commissioner and now a spokesman for the swim center corporation.   "This is a 10-year plan for the corporation to convert the park, and run the facility and bring a lot of tourist dollars to the city and county.    We have the money in the bank to do this.    We can show the county that we have the money.   If they can get a better offer than this, I would like to hear it."

Previous plans from the corporation had asked Lee County to contribute at least several million dollars to convert the stadium to the swim center.   Lee responded, that it does not have a penny to invest at this time.

Still, Commissioner Tammy Hall says she remains skeptical of the group and it's plans.   "I must develop a level of confidence, and I do not have it in this group," she said.   "At some point the rubber must meet the road.  We have to see where the money is coming from.    Otherwise, it's just another letter.    We will look at it and listen, but I have to see a lot more to go forward."