Published: Mar 21, 2011 7:54 PM EDT
Updated: Mar 21, 2011 5:03 PM EDT

Lee county may require people in mobile home parks to recycle in the county system.
Commissioners on Tuesday will be asked to decide whether to require every household to join the county system, or to continue the system with some mobile home parks recycling on their own.

"Our entire system is based on having everyone participate.   If we don't, then the costs will go up in time," said  Keith Howard, asst. director of Lee Solid Waste.   "It tends to increase the costs for those people who are in the system."

Right now, Lee has about 190 mobile home parks, and roughly 160 of them, do not participate in county recycling.   Most use volunteers or  private vendors to pick up the glass, plastic, and aluminum, and then take them to a for-profit recycling center.  The volunteers or vendors then give some of the money back to the parks,   They in turn use the cash for maintenance of common grounds and other expenses, to keep down the cost of resident fees.

"I like the system the way it is.   No need to change it," said Pat Steele at Tamiami Village in No. Fort Myers.

Jim Moran agrees.   "It works fine now.   Don't change something that works," he told WINK.

Lee Solid Waste will continue to argue, the system needs every household to take part; otherwise, it is not the most cost-effective system.