Published: Feb 19, 2011 3:20 AM EST
Updated: Feb 19, 2011 12:24 AM EST

NORTH NAPLES, Fla.- A Collier County teacher is accused of taunting a student with dead frogs. Now, PETA wants the science instructor fired.

A North Naples Middle School seventh grader says her teacher specifically singled her out during class on Tuesday, because of the student's strong beliefs against animal cruelty. The science teacher allegedly waved a bag of dead frogs just inches from the girl's face.

"When she called my name, that's when I turned around and saw them. Then she dropped them on my binder, and I started crying," 13-year old Sarah Wingo said Friday.

Wingo says her science teacher dropped a bag of vacuum-sealed dead frogs on her desk on Tuesday, landing right on top of her binder, which is decorated with anti-animal cruelty stickers.

"It was a blatant taunting in my eyes," Sarah's mother, Carrie Ann Wingo said.

The frogs were intended for a dissection the next day that Wingo opted out of. Her mom went to the school about the incident. Their solution: switching the seventh grader out of the class.

"It's not fair to just disrupt her schedule, her team of teachers, her friends. Pull her out of a class that she likes, and disrupt her schedule and her daily life because of something that a teacher did that was wrong," Carrie Ann Wingo said Friday.

But Sarah took matters into her own hands, going straight to PETA about the taunting. Now, they're calling on Collier County's School District to fire North Naples science teacher Mary Ellen Alexander.

"It appears to have violated the Collier County School Board's policies against bullying and the State Board of Education's Code of Ethics," Justin Goodman of PETA said Friday.

Sarah says Alexander apologized to her the day after the incident, but she and her family say that's not enough.

"In school, we're taught not to bully and make fun of other people. How can we really learn not to do that when teachers are doing it to students?" Sarah Wingo said Friday.

PETA has contacted the School District and the State Board of Education about the incident, calling for an investigation and the teacher's termination. WINK News tried contacting Collier County School District, our calls were not immediately returned.