Published: Feb 18, 2011 9:04 PM EST
Updated: Feb 18, 2011 6:11 PM EST

Some people in the historic Dean Park neighborhood in Ft. Myers are launching a campaign to reduce the noise from the old bridge crossing Billy Creek.    The people say the bridge is getting louder and more annoying, and they want a solution.   The state Dept. of Transportation says there is only so much they can to to quiet the metal grate structure.

"We need somebody to help us, because the noise is getting very bothersome, and really hurting the quality of life here," said Myrna Speas, who rents several properties in Dean Park.

"It is loud. It is very annoying," said Brian Murphy, who lives near the bridge.  "The rumble is so constant that you can't have a conversation outside, without hearing the background noise."

The bridge has a metal grate, and vehicles that cross it cause a low rumbling sound, and if the grates are loose, a high-pitched clanging sound as well, according to Speas.

"We want to improve Dean Park, and we need to cut down on the noise to do that," Speas told WINK.

She says residents have made suggestions to the state DOT, including the use of rubber mats to muffle the noise.   Deb Tower of DOT says:   "It is an old bridge, but we are looking for solutions to the noise.  But we do not have a timetable for that.   We don't know that any one technology, like mats, might work.   We are maintaining the grates very carefully, to cut down on rattling."

The residents say they will continue to lobby for some changes to reduce the noise.