Published: Feb 17, 2011 11:53 PM EST
Updated: Feb 17, 2011 8:54 PM EST

ARCADIA- Two men are seen faking an injury at Walmart in a scheme to extort electronics from the retail store!

Christoper Jacobsen and Martin Wilson are accused of stealing and trying to extort Walmart in Arcadia.

They appeared to have a convincing story.

Until authorities got their hands on surveillance video.

According to the Desoto County Sheriff's Office, Christopher Jacobsen and Martin Wilson are seen on the surveillance video trying to pull a fast one on Walmart.

Deputies say in the video, Martin Wilson bends down and steals a broadband internet card.

To open the package they believe Wilson used a knife or razor blade.

Then they say he used it on himself and purposely cut his hand.

Another surveillance camera catches Wilson coming out of the bathroom with his hand wrapped in towel.

Wilson and Jacobsen go get help from a store associate.

Deputies say that's when the two told store officials, wilson cut his hand on the shopping cart.

Reports state the men told Walmart bosses, if they gave them a Ninentendo Wii or Xbox, they would forget about the incident.

But store bosses weren't buying it and used this surveillance video to prove it.

"That was very instrutmental in making the case. It's good evidence," said Desoto County Sheriff Will Wise.

Christopher Jacobsen is in the Desoto County jail.

Deputies are still searching for Martin Wilson.

They believe he's somewhere in Charlotte County.

Both men will face retail theft and extortion charges.