Published: Feb 16, 2011 4:10 AM EST
Updated: Feb 16, 2011 1:15 AM EST

Buckingham, FL- A Buckingham farmer finds her favorite horse -- brutally beaten, she thinks with a baseball bat!
The pictures are so gruesome we can't show them you.

Property manager Tim K. Tripp woke up to take care of the horses here at the Lazy Shepherd farm when he saw something horrifying.

Tripp says, "Came out to discover the horse who had been horribly wounded, his face was all bloody."

Tripp, woke up the farm owner..Karen Kopp, who rushed the injured horse, "Black Jack" to the clinic.

Kopp says, "There was so much shatter in the face,the sinus was caved in."

The blunt force trauma was so severe, the horse had to be put down.
Kopp is calling it murder.

"It was such an insane act of aggression, on an animal that hurt nobody, the normal mind can't comprehend something like this."

She says especially since this animal changed her life.

" I had an accident riding and I stopped riding for about a year, and my trainer asked me if I was ever going to ride again, she said I'm bringing a horse in for you, he's going to be yours and this unbelievable animal came in and I immediately fell in love with him."

Kopp says not long after, she started riding again.

"Never hurt a fly... nothing."

That's why she says she can't understand why someone would intentionally hurt "Black Jack."
She suspects someone who may be upset with her over a prior incident, but is afraid they won't be brought to justice, at least in this lifetime.

"I hope they rot in hell."