Published: Feb 15, 2011 1:02 AM EST
Updated: Feb 14, 2011 9:52 PM EST

LEE COUNTY, FL- The so-called Subway bandits are behind bars after deputies say they caught the couple committing two more burglaries.

In recent days at least 15 Lee County Subways have been burglarized.
Authorities say the suspects are connected to at least eight of those crimes.

Store employees are breathing are breathing a sigh of relief today, 33 year old Casey Long and 30 year old Damion Stafford are behind bars, accused of burglarizing a nail salon, a restaurant, and a slew of Subway restaurants in a 3 week time span.
"We basically set up a good hard surveillance on them, when they moved, we moved."
Sheriff Scott said, the couple move to Weaver's Corner, where they burglarized a nail salon and a restaurant.
"They got the register, slammed it on the floor, to open it they got it open and got the money and took off."
They didn't get far. Deputies swarmed the parking lot, arresting Long and Stafford.
Sheriff Mike Scott says, "Their prior records are longer than 5 dollar foot longs they make a 5 dollar foot long look short."
Drug possession, armed robbery and burglary arrests, in Stafford's case, dating back over a decade.
Now add child neglect to that.
Deputies say Long admitted that they'd left their nearly two year old son at home while they committed the burglaries, now in the care of a family member.
"Basically deep down, she's not a bad person, she just gets side tracked with the wrong crowd, hopefully she'll learn a lesson from this."
Deputies found the toddler unharmed, and also found a list of subway restaurant addresses, several of them scratched off.
"You're talking about substance abusers, both of these people have serious drug problems"
A problem Long's mother is afraid will now keep her daughter from seeing her children for a long long time.
"She definitely loves her kids."