Published: Feb 15, 2011 11:57 PM EST
Updated: Feb 15, 2011 6:39 PM EST

The state dept. of Transportation will spend 1-million dollars to re-configure a part of Palm Beach Blvd., st. rd. 80, in Ft. Myers.   The state will move back curbs to create a wider turning radius, and it will cut turn lanes into at least five medians.

"We think people will really like these enhancements," said Deb Tower of Fl. DOT. 

Gary Wolfe is not convinced.  He has led the fight against the medians for years.   "Business people want the medians removed.   Period," he told WINK.

"The problem is making the U-turn to get to a business on the other side of the road.   Some people will avoid the area altogether, because the turns are so tight and potentially dangerous.  Some bigger vehicles cannot make a U-turn;  they have to make a 3-point turn, to get to the  other side.   Businesses have been hurt," said Wolfe.

Deb Tower of the DOT adds:   the changes will be positive, and came about as the result of talks with a number of drivers.    "The medians were put in to improve safety for pedestrians.  They have done that, fatalities are down and so are crashes.   But some people do believe the turning radius is pretty tight.  We will make the changes and improve the road."

Bids for the 1-million dollar job go out this spring.   Work could begin in late summer or early fall.