Published: Feb 15, 2011 11:59 PM EST
Updated: Feb 15, 2011 9:03 PM EST

CAPE CORAL- The City of Cape Coral is divided.

Homeowners verse businesses.

Residents are upset about a potential road project, but some businesses support it.

Cape Coral Mayor John Sullivan is proposing an alternative to the flyover project on Veterans Parkway, but the plan comes with a major roadblock: homes and canals are in the way.

"It's a peaceful neighborhood. I don't want that screwed up," said Tommie Moton.

Moton lives off of Trafalgar Parkway.

A new road construction project could threaten his quiet oasis.

"I don't like it. I moved to this neighborhood because I don't want traffic," he said.

Neighbor, Scott Craig agrees.

"People are barely making it and you want to throw more heartache at us," he said.

Both men are talking about a proposed road project that would extend Trafalgar and Gleason Parkways east until they connect to Del Prado Boulevard.

Problem is, there's hundreds of homes and some canals in between the roads, making it difficult for it to connect.

"It doesn't seem like it makes a whole lot of sense," Scott Craig said.

Cape Mayor John Sullivan drafted the proposal as an alternative to having a flyover built along Veterans Parkway.

The flyover would go over intersections at Santa Barbara, Skyline and Chiquita Boulevards.

Mayor Sullivan says this would devastate the local economy.

"If we put that flyover in, it will destroy these future businesses," he said.

The existing flyover at Del Prado and Veterans forced several local shops at a nearby plaza out of business because there was no place for cars to get off or to see the businesses.

Mayor Sullivan worries this could happen all along Veterans Parkway.

An estimated 26,000 cars drive along Veterans Parkway each day.

Store owners along the busy road know a flyover would eliminate traffic congestion, but fear it could also eliminate their business.

Jonette Kassack owns Sip & Send.

"If it were to move forward, I don't think we'd be in business or we'd have to find a new location because where we're at now, we'd have no traffic," she said.

People agree alternatives need to be discussed, but the road extension of Gleason and Trafalgar Parkways might not be the right solution.

Mayor Sullivan stresses this proposal still needs to be studied to see if it's even feasible.

He'll present it Wednesday morning to the Transportation Advisory Council.