Published: Feb 11, 2011 12:39 AM EST
Updated: Feb 10, 2011 7:23 PM EST

It's a tale of two signs on a local roadway.    One sign says it's Forum Boulevard;  others call it  Omni Blvd.   It's confusing to motorists along state rd. 82 and to people who live in the neighborhoods off the two-name road.

"I wish they would pick one or the other name.   It is confusing," said a man who lives nearby.

The intersection is located about a half mile east of I-75 on st. rd. 82.   It used to be Forum Blvd., but recently, work crews put up large Omni signs. 

It seems the contractor on the road widening project was using some old road maps to order new street signs.    The roadway, that runs north-south and connect 82 and Colonial, used to be Omni Blvd.    It changed to Forum several years ago.

"It was done using the old plans.   Just something that happened,  and we didn't catch it until we had some calls about the names on the signs.   The contractor  is ordering new, Forum signs and they will go up soon.   We will get it fixed real shortly," said Kaye Molnar, spokeswoman for the project.  

She says the new signs should go up next week.    Meantime, drivers will have to know where they are going in that area.  "Fortunately, most are commuters who travel the area often, and they know where they are going," said Molnar.    Late Thursday, Molnar said that crews have placed bags over the Omni signs, to prevent more confusion.