Published: Feb 09, 2011 5:09 PM EST
Updated: Feb 09, 2011 2:10 PM EST

CAPE CORAL- Cape Coral Police Detectives have made an arrest in a home invasion robbery that occurred on February 3rd at 1763 Four Mile Cove Pkwy.

At 5:04pm, Officers were dispatched to a report of a home invasion robbery in which a suspect knocked on the victim’s door, identified himself as “Jordan” and then forced his way inside of the victim’s apartment. Once inside, the suspect attempted to strangle the victim and told her that he was looking for a large sum of money he believed to be in the apartment.
The suspect forced the victim into a bathroom while he then ransacked the residence looking for the money. As the suspect was distracted, the victim fled the apartment and called police. The suspect ran from the victim’s apartment moments later but not before stealing her cell phone.

As officers and detectives were at the home of the victim taking the report, a BOLO for the suspect was broadcast over the police radio and in-car computer system.

A veteran detective noted that the suspect’s physical description, the name Jordan, and the location of the crime sounded a lot like a subject he was familiar with, Jordan Velazquez.
The victim was able to positively ID Velazquez from a photo array. CCPD forensics technicians were able to lift latent prints from the items that the suspect touched while ransacking the apartment. These fingerprints were a match for Jordan Velazquez.
Officers and Detectives have been looking for Velazquez since the incident. Yesterday (Tuesday February 8th) at 11:30, Velazquez was taken into custody by CCPD officers as he was walking into the Lee County Courthouse in Fort Myers for an unrelated case.