Published: Feb 05, 2011 12:46 AM EST
Updated: Feb 04, 2011 9:48 PM EST

LEE COUNTY, FL- A new computer program may help victims of theft get their stuff back faster.
That is, if it's been sold to a pawn shop or second hand dealer.

"This is all I got back."

Marjorie Griffin came home one day in november to find her home burglarized, jewelry, electronics, and even her daughter's Maltese- stolen!

The theives were caught and arrested and her dog was returned.
She found some of her jewelry at a second hand dealers store.
The sheriff's office says victims finding their stolen items is becoming more common, thanks to a new program called Finder Pawn Web.

"As soon as they type in their transaction and they hit submit, it goes right into our network."

The dealer types in details about the items sold.
Deputies can then search the database and locate stolen items- quicker.
One second hand dealer says it's better for everyone.

"We don't want stolen items, so it's good for us, the quicker, we know, the quicker we can recover the money. It helps everybody get through the recovery process much quicker."

Once and item is located..the dealer can either give the victim their property back or the victim can pay for it.
If the dealer refuses, the victim can write them a certified letter requesting their property.

"They have ten days to either rectify this or make some kind of arrangements, if not then you can file the Writ of Replevin, you file the Writ of Replevin at the clerks office, by law they can't charge you for it."

Griffin says she didn't have to go that far, the dealer gave her jewelry back.