Published: Feb 04, 2011 3:12 AM EST
Updated: Dec 29, 2010 9:23 PM EST

LEHIGH ACRES, FL-  A Lehigh Acres man walks in on burglars tearing apart his home.
His first reaction: to grab his shotgun.

David Helmick says, "You destroyed my home, give me a chance, I'll destroy yours."

Helmick says he's mad enough to kill, "I'm just overall a nice guy, until now."

That's because yesterday, he came home to find two burglars in his house.

"I turned to my grandson and said, get back in the truck, and lock the door."

Then he armed himself.

"I just drew down like this, pulled the safety, and just, I was ready to go."

So were the thieves.

"I went and kicked through the door, and they were going out that window."

Helmick chased them through the woods, with his shotgun.

"You come here, I'm going to send you away in a body bag. I'm done playing."

The thieves got away, one of them dropping this sock, Helmick says, the suspect was wearing it on his hands.

After Helmick chased the suspects through the woods, he then came back to the vacant home next door where he noticed a strange vehicle parked in the driveway. That vehicle was registered to one of the suspect's moms."

Deputies found that 17 year old suspect, and arrested him. they say he had some of Helmick's stolen jewelry.
At the suspect's home, his mother had nothing to say.

" I don't want to be in the news!"

According to the report, still missing are two guns, $300 cash, and sentimental jewelry the Helmick and his wife had inherited from loved ones who passed away. Now, Helmick has a message for the thieves.

"Come back over here, so we can finish this conversation."