Published: Feb 02, 2011 4:38 AM EST
Updated: Feb 02, 2011 1:38 AM EST

NAPLES, Fla. - Khaled Mahgoub currently lives in Naples, but he was born in Cairo, Egypt. He grew up two blocks from Tahrir Square where all recent protests have been taking place. Mahgoub believes, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's announcement that he will step down at the end of his term was the right decision, and will hopefully lead to peace in his home country.

Mahgoub anxiously watches from thousands of miles away, as turmoil erupts in his neighborhood.

"There is no store getting any supply of food, the store is empty and there is criminal on the street, attacking stores, houses, demanding money, jewelry," Mahgoub said.

He was 15 when Mubarak took office. "He is a good man," Mahgoub said. "I know him well."

A former Olympic soccer player, Mahgoub said the middle class he grew up in has long disappeared, leaving a distinct line between the rich and poor. That, combined with a corrupt election process, he said, was a recipe for disaster.

While he's quick to point out positive things Mubarak did, such as keeping the United States informed of potential al-Qaeda threats, Mahgoub added, "He lately made a lot of mistakes and this is the price of his mistakes."

Mahgoub supports Mubarak's decision to step down when his term ends, spending the remainder working toward a "peaceful transfer of power."   

"If he leaves right away like that, things can get bad," he said. "We will be paying $10 a gallon at the pump if this happens. Basically, they want justice, they want fairness, they want to elect their own president, they want to be alive, they want freedom."

Mahgoub hopes the U.S. and European Union will have a hand in the upcoming Presidential election to ensure fairness and equality. It's an election Mahgoub plans to be a part of.