Published: Feb 02, 2011 12:31 AM EST
Updated: Feb 01, 2011 9:31 PM EST

CAPE CORAL- A serial burglar is off Cape Coral streets.

Police say 30 year-old Scott Krupp is responsible for a string of business and home burglaries.

Investigators say Krupp stole hundreds of dollars worth of stuff from home and businesses in the city.

Ultimately, it was Krupp's own shoe print that led police to right to his front door.

"He ran from police and jumped into a canal where one of his shoes fell to the bottom," said Lt. Tony Sizemore of the Cape Coral Police Department

A dive team recovered Scott Krupp's shoe.

Using new shoe print technology the department got last week, they were able to narrow in on Krupp.

The computer software is a database of more than 25,000 different shoes, brands, patterns.

At a crime scene, police can take a picture of the print, scan it into the system, and within minutes they know which type of shoe they have.

Even if it's a partial footprint, the computer can still narrow it down quickly.

Before, Cape police used to have to send a photo of the shoe print to a crime lab in Tampa and that could take months.

With this new technology, once police have a suspect, they can check and see if his shoe print matches ones found at the scene.

If the prints match, it helps them take another criminal off the street.

"The totality of the evidence and the circumstances really tightens the case. We're a lot better with it than we'd be without it," Lt. Sizemore said.

Krupp also left some DNA evidence at one of the crime scenes.

According to police, he cut himself when breaking into a business and left drops of blood on the floor.

Police say the DNA and footprints both matched Scott Krupp.

He's facing several burglary charges.

Cape police were able to buy the new footprint computer software with grant money they received.