Published: Jan 31, 2011 9:47 PM EST
Updated: Jan 31, 2011 5:56 PM EST

Some of the banners on light poles in Fort Myers are coming loose from their fastenings, and flapping in the wind.   At least 12 of 244 have snapped loose since they were installed about 6 weeks ago.    The city's Redevelopment Agency is asking the installers to come back and fix whatever went wrong.

"They are supposed to withstand 80 mile an hour winds.   Clearly we have not had winds that high.  We've had maybe 40-mile wind.   So we need to find out if they were put up wrong, or if the fasteners are failing, or what," said Don Paight, director of the Redevelopment Agency.

That group used 50-thousand dollars from business taxes to produce the banners, that advertise local attractions, like Edison-Ford Winter Estates.   The tax money also paid a company to use fasteners to display the banners on light poles along main thoroughfares into and out of the city.

"The company, CDI Enterprises of Miami, won the contract with the low bid.  Their work is guaranteed, so they will send some people here this week to re-fasten the loose banners, and inspect the others to see what might be happening.   We hope we can get this corrected," said Paight.

The company will not charge to come and re-fasten the banners, Paight added.

Jim Banks of Fort Myers says this shows that government, having to take the low bid, sometimes does not get the best work.   "The cheapest may not be the best.   The taxpayer continues to pay," said Banks.