Published: Jan 29, 2011 4:09 AM EST
Updated: Jan 29, 2011 1:37 AM EST

IMMOKALEE, Fla.- New developments into a Collier County School District volunteer, accused of sexually molesting elementary school students on campus.60-year old Robert Alter was arrested last Thursday, after a report surfaced that he allegedly sexually abused a young girl at Highlands Elementary School in Immokalee. Today, investigators say they've identified at least six more victims at two schools.

Pinecrest Elementary School sent a notice home today, alerting parents of a volunteer allegedly sexually abusing multiple little girls on school grounds. Tonight, we're learning more into Robert Alter's interactions with at least seven students here at Pinecrest, and Highlands Elementary School.

Collier County Sheriff's Office says the abuse began last May, and carried on through this month. Alter allegedly targeted little girls while he worked as a volunteer reading tutor at the two schools. All of the victims were under the age of 12 years old. Most of the alleged abuse happened on school grounds; in the library at Pinecrest Elementary School, and in the hallway at Highlands.

Graphic details int he reports state Alter performed oral sex on a little girl while they were alone in the library, later forcing her to touch his genitals. Another report details Alter sexually molesting a student while a teacher was in the classroom. One victim told investigators that, "Robert makes her feel icky."

In reports just released today, several victims say Alter bribed them to stay quiet. One girl states he gave her "money and candy after the incident. He told her not to tell her family because he did not want them to hate him for what he did."

One report said Alter welcomed one of the little girl's into his Golden Gate Estates home. She told investigators, "She was in Robert's bedroom, laying on his bed watching television...Robert came into the bedroom and told her that he was going to teach her the meaning about sex."

Alter is married with two children of his own, one of them, a school teacher at Pinecrest Elementary. Neighbors say they're shocked by the allegations. Alter was a prominent face in his Waterways community.

"I just wouldn't even see an opportunity for someone to even do that. His wife was always by his side, they were always together. I'm just shocked by it. I was shocked before, I'm just blown away now," Alter's neighbor, Gary Miller, said Friday.

 Administrators and guidance counslers were available for students and parents at Pinecrest Elementary School on Friday.

Alter is currently being held at Collier County Jail, facing multiple felony charges.