Published: Jan 28, 2011 12:23 AM EST
Updated: Aug 12, 2011 3:39 AM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL-What does the month in which you were born say about your driving skills?
One insurance company claims to have used real statistics to find out.
Not everyone agrees with the findings.

Reporter Sarah Pusateri says, "Forget age, or gender, statistics by Allstate show, the likelihood of someone getting into a traffic crash is written in the stars."

Courtney Fuller, an Aquarius says, "Driving doesn't have anything to do with your Zodiac sign."

Oh but it does, says all state who compiled accident statistics and compared them to the birth month of the driver. One Zodiac sign is more accident prone than most.

Sarah Pusateri says to a Virgo man, "I have a survey here from all state that says Virgos are the worst drivers of anyone."
A shocked Virgo replies, "Is that right really?"

According to Allstate, just last year in Florida Virgos wrecked more than 23 thousand times. One man says he doesn't believe it.

"I don't agree with much Allstate has to say."

Some didn't debate the statistics but had other useful knowledge.

"I don't know about Virgos being bad drivers, but you know what they say about Leos? Tell me. Leos are good lovers."

Allstate doesn't have statistics to support that yet, or this.

"I've got one for you guys, if your birth date and how old you are, it's going to add up to 111."

He's right!

"Can I just cut to the chase?"

That is, no matter what your sign, or what statistics say.
No one wants to be called a bad driver.

The best drivers according to Allstate are Scorpios November 23rd- November 28th-  2,855 accidents in 2010

Ophiuchus (the newest sign) November 29-December 17 Wise, ambitiious, lucky- 9,191 accidents in 2010

Cancer July 21st-August 9th Compassion, sensitivity 10, 605- accidents in 2010

Aquarius February 16-March 11 Progressive, independent 11, 505-accidents in 2010

Libra October 31st-November 22 Cooperative, gracious- 11, 981 accidents in 2010

Aires April 17-May 13th Impatience, determination -11,820 accidents in 2010

Capricorn January 18th-February 15th Resonsible, disciplined 13,731-accidents in 2010

Gemini June 20th- July 20th Short attention span, nervous 14, 390-accidents in 2010

Sagittarius December 18-January 17th Impatient, idealistic 16, 704- accidents in 2010

Pisces March 12-April 16th Fearful, overly trusting 17, 841 accidents in 2010

Taurus May 14th-June 19 Uncompromising, possessive 18,867 accidents in 2010

Leo August 10-September 15th Arrogence, inflexibility -19,334 accidents in 2010

Virgo- September 16-October 20th Worry Shyness -23,273 accidents in 2010