Published: Jan 22, 2011 7:00 PM EST
Updated: Jan 22, 2011 1:19 AM EST


CAPE CORAL - Cape Coral Police have identified the blogger Hyme407, as John McGarry 48 of Cape Coral.  Cape Coral Police interviewed Mr. McGarry as part of its investigation into the blog posted on the News-Press forum website.  Mr. McGarry acknowledged that he was the author of the blog.  McGarry told investigators he never intended to further his "threat" and that in retrospect his comments were contrary to acceptable public discourse.  Investigators  determined McGarry's actions, while of concern, do not rise to the level of criminal activity.  Investigators have conferred with the State Attorney's Office who concur based on the facts known today. 



CAPE CORAL - Cape Coral leaders are speaking out, following a threatening public comment posted on a local newspaper's website.
The rant was posted on the News-Press website's public comment section. But Cape Coral city leaders say the post stepped over the line of simply sounding off an opinion. They're considering the comment a direct threat.
"First it started out with ethics complaints, now it's death threats. I mean where does it go from here?" Cape Coral Mayor John Sullivan said Friday.
Sullivan says he's unsettled by a chilling comment posted directed at Cape Council members, posted by user hyme407, saying: "First of all someone would be doing us all a favor if they took these guys out."
The post was brought to the attention of City Council members. In wake of the tragedy in Tuscon and the Panama City School Board shootings, they say the comment simply can't be taken lightly.
"To raise the level of disagreement to violence is never right. It's never right," District 6 Councilman Kevin McGrail said Friday.
In the comment, hyme407 continues on, saying: "Better not bring a revolver. You need to stop and reload with the 8 that need to go.  Use a glock or other automatic weapon."
"A couple of weeks ago we brought in the metal detectors, I thought we were overreacting. But after looking at this, I do believe I was wrong," Mayor Sullivan said.
Sullivan is now requesting Cape's City Manager research the Council's security measures in response to the post. The matter could be reviewed as a new agenda item for the City Council as soon as Monday.
"More should be done with this. This is a threat. Do you let people make threats like this and continue to walki the streets?" Sullivan said.
The comment has since been removed from the News-Press website. The Cape Coral Police Department will not comment on the case, or if they will be pursuing charges against the individual.