Published: Jan 21, 2011 12:53 AM EST
Updated: Jan 20, 2011 9:13 PM EST

ESTERO, FL- -A mom passed out behind the wheel,  her infant son in the back seat.
Fresh out of jail today, she tells WINK, it's all a misunderstanding.

"This is the only thing I remember, pulling up to the gas tank, and that's the only thing I remember."

19 year old Camille Oliver holds her son Jaylin tight today at his grandmother's Fort Myers home.
After, deputies say, they found Oliver and 22 year old Joshua Hutcherson passed out in her car at a 711 this morning, her 4 month old son in the back seat.

Deputies say the first clue that something was wrong, was that the car was partially blocking the parking lot, they say the car was turned on, but the drivers, were passed out.

Oliver says, "I just blacked out, like I had a mini seizure, and all I remember is waking up and having EMTs and police lights all around me."

Oliver says she's epileptic. She's also says she takes prescription medication for depression and anxiety.

She says, "Just my Zoloft and my Topamax."

She says she recently had her prescription changed.
Inside the car deputies say they found an open bottle of Smirnoff Ice and two unopened cans of beer. Oliver says they belong to Hutcherson.
When deputies went to arrest him, they say an Ectasy pill fell out of his pocket.

Oliver says, "I was like what happened, what's going on, is my son okay?"

Oliver was given a sobriety test which deputies say she failed,  although blood tests show that she had not consumed alcohol.

Now she's worried, she'll lose her son.

"I hope everything with DCF goes OK, I hope I can get my son."

Oliver tells us, the reason she's here from North Carolina was to attend a custody hearing for her son.