Published: Jan 15, 2011 1:05 AM EST
Updated: Jan 14, 2011 9:46 PM EST

SAN CARLOS PARK, FL-  New details in a story you saw first on WINK. A dog recovering from bullet wounds after being shot by a Lee County Deputy.

Deputies say "Harley" a foxhound mix came at them aggressively and they had no choice. It was a mix of tears and whimpers as Christine Bonelli was reunited with her dog "Harley" for the first time.

She recalls yesterdays shooting, " I heard him bark, woof woof, and then I heard two shots."

Deputies were in Bonelli's San Carlos Park neighborhood looking for a missing girl when they knocked on her door. No one answered so they went into her back yard.

"Our deputies hit it with their hand a couple times in the head, it didn't work, the dog still came at them, still tried to attack them, and unfortunately they had to use aggressive force in shooting it."

Deputies shot "Harley" twice, once in the back. Then again, the bullet skimmed Harley's mouth and then hit his leg.
A neighbor saw Harley bleeding in the road and him in her truck.

Neighbor Brandy Mondry says, "He stayed there the entire ride here, licking his wounds and kissing me."

They drove to Best Friends Animal Hospital where Harley is recovering.

Meanwhile Bonelli says she being fined $268 dollars by animal services. They say its for Harley's "threatening and menacing behavior" resulting in the shooting.

So now Bonelli, who is unemployed, has vet bills and a ticket. She says she can't afford either one of them

She says, "I've got to pay my vet bills, just trying to sell everything, if I have to sell my wedding ring I will."


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