Published: Jan 07, 2011 6:56 PM EST
Updated: Jan 07, 2011 3:58 PM EST

FORT MYERS, Fla.-- By Friday morning, more than 50 people were in line to purchase Red Sox spring training tickets that go on sale Saturday, January 8th.

A small crowd has been gathered outside the ticket office at the City of Palm Park in Fort Myers since Tuesday in anticipation of the tickets going on sale.

Gordon Rae has traveled from Fort Lauderdale for the past five years to camp out for tickets. He's been in line since Thursday, and he's had plenty of company.

"I've been out here since Wednesday night, we just love it," said Robin Hale. "You get to see the same people in line, and it's a lot of fun."

But both Hale and Rae say some of the faces aren't so familiar this year. They worry scalpers have hired people to stand in line and buy up tickets.

"Probably more than half in the line are scalpers or are working for scalpers," Hale said.

Rae thinks the team roster is making tickets a hot commodity.

"The pressure that's on the tickets this year with Carl Crawford coming on board and Adrian Gonzalez coming on board and the Yankees coming here to visit, what we're discovering here is the vast majority of people here are scalpers," Rae said.

Tickets are limited to eight per person, so there should be enough to go around.

They go on sale Saturday morning.