Published: Jan 07, 2011 9:05 PM EST
Updated: Jan 07, 2011 1:54 AM EST

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla. - Lehigh Acres has been at the center of the nation's foreclosure crisis for years. And now, it's become the center of a documentary showcasing the strength and loyalty of the community that has stuck together through it all.

The documentary is called "Dreams for Sale." Director Raymond Schillinger was canvassing with a political
campaign several years ago, when he discovered Lehigh Acres.

After seeing a lot of negative press about the area, he decided to go looking for another side of the story. And it didn't take long for Schillinger to see it as a community with a story to tell.

"I think people were enthusiastic to talk about their own experiences," Schillinger said, "not just the bad, but also what's good about the community, what brought them here, why they're still here."

For months, he knocked on doors, got to the know the people, and their struggles.

"Dreams for Sale" chronicles the rise and fall of Lehigh, through the eyes of those who live there, those who created it, and those who govern it.

Financial struggles aside, "Dreams for Sale" is also a story of hope that Lehigh Acres will once again be the "dream town" it was meant to be.

"There's a great story, a great history here," Schillinger said. "It's a town that, you know, has really been created by the people who live here, who've lived here their whole lives, and I think that will help dictate the future of Lehigh."

You can view the entire documentary for free at: