Published: Jan 06, 2011 12:26 AM EST
Updated: Jan 05, 2011 9:26 PM EST

FORT MYERS, FL-Two children arriving from Haiti to live with their father are forced to hide while burglars invade their home.

Father of two Serge Labissiere says,"He come and ring the bell first, make the kids scared, after that he come to this door, boom boom boom boom."

10 year old Taine and her 5 year old brother Sergley were at their uncle's house next door when he sent them home to grab juice.
Their father says the thieves were watching.

"He said the kids coming from this house over there to get come and get juice from my refrigerator."

After first ringing the doorbell and then knocking, deputies say they entered the home through the back door.
The children who speak only Creole, showed us how at first they hid under the blanket on this bed, and then in this closet, meanwhile, the intruders stole the family's TV.

"He take the big TV right here."

The children stayed in the closet terrified until the thieves left, then they ran back to their uncle's house.
He called deputies.

"Very scary."

Labissiere believes he knows who at least one of the thieves are, a man he's seen in the neighborhood.

"I always see, always see, he's always got something in his hand, it's not my business, you know?"

So far there have been no arrests, but Labissiere says he feels blessed.

"I say thanks God, my kids are here with me, so even though the stole everything in there, I don't care, I just worry about my kids."