Published: Jan 04, 2011 12:33 AM EST
Updated: Jan 03, 2011 7:32 PM EST

People in four gated communities in Lee County want their own postmark.  Some of them are sick of getting their mail, and seeing  Fort Myers as the address city.

"We want to be Estero Bay," said Ike Eikelberner, who owns property in the Osprey Cove community.   "Nothing against Fort Myers, but that city is far to our north, and the lifestyle in Estero is so different.    We also know from the banks that the Fort Myers postmark hurts our property values.  That is not fair.   The Fort Myers designation also tends to raise our fire insurance rates.   Again, we want our own identity."

Eikelberner was speaking for owners in Osprey Cove, The Reserve, The Vines, and Belle Lago.

All are located on the north side of Estero Parkway.

"I think they just want to separate themselves from everybody else," said Irene Ezzo, who works at a place  near the communities.   "If they are doing it to elevate their status, then it bothers me personally.   Otherwise, let them pay more in taxes, have at it."

The postal service has not indicated  how it will react to the request for the Estero Bay postmark.

The residents are asking Lee Commissioners to support the move for a new postmark.   The people say their zip code would stay the same, regardless of what happens to the postmark.