Published: Jan 01, 2011 4:42 AM EST
Updated: Dec 31, 2010 9:22 PM EST

SAN CARLOS PARK- Broken windows, stained carpets, and destroyed furniture!
That's what a family who spends their winters in San Carlos Park has come back to. 
Deputies say, one intruder left behind a big clue. 

Homeowner Dennis Wingers says, "Cigarette burns here, there's a couple over there, there's one there."

His family came home to a devastating discovery. Their home was destroyed.

He shows us the damage and points to his refrigerator, "Apparently they were hanging on this because you try to shut it and it doesn't shut."

Wingers estimates 15 thousand dollars in damage to the brand new carpets, and to the freshly painted walls.

He says, "A couple days later we went looking for towels and found one where they had thrown up in it.""it's a disgusting mess,"

Disgusting and expensive.

"Apparently they just kicked that one."

Wingers says multiple screens were cut, windows damaged and broken, his daughters formal dress apparently ripped from someone putting it on.

"Deputies says the intruders made themselves at home in the house, even ordering delivery pizza, but they left an important clue, the receipt from pizza hut, with the suspects name and phone number on it."

Deputies traced that information to the house next door and to the 15 year old girl living there.
Her mother had no comment on camera.

"I have nothing to say."

Off camera told us that she's mortified and that her daughter's 2 felony charges had been dropped to misdemeanor trespassing in court this morning. we were not able to verify that.

"Well the worst part is they're my next door neighbors, how do you deal with that?"