Published: Dec 30, 2010 10:00 PM EST
Updated: Dec 30, 2010 7:03 PM EST

ENGLEWOOD EAST, Fla. - Charlotte County Sheriff's Major Crimes Unit continues to investigate a violent crime at an Englewood East shopping plaza. An antique shop owner was left unconscious, with severe injuries.

We've learned the man injured is 64 year-old Jeffrey Mazur of Englewood. He is the owner of Antiques Plus at 3051 N. Access Road. This all happened Wednesday in broad daylight. As investigators still search for a suspect, nearby businesses are worried whoever did it could strike again.

“That didn't happen,” James Taylor said in disbelief. “This don't happen in Englewood! Not stuff like this.”

Taylor was shopping for batteries at Gallery Plaza Wednesday afternoon, right around the time investigators believe the nearby store owner was targeted by a violent criminal.

“There wasn't another person in here,” Taylor said.

Mazur was working at Antiques Plus. When his wife couldn't reach him by phone, she asked someone to stop in and check on him. They found Mazur, unconscious in a pool of blood. At this point, investigators aren't saying how he was hurt, only that his injuries are severe. They believe it may have been a robbery.

“He was a very nice-spoken gentleman. Easy to get along with,” Don Happe, who knows Mazur, said. “I feel bad for him. He's just running a clean honest business, trying to get along in life like anyone else.

Thursday, investigators searched the building top to bottom, while A K9 officer sniffed the perimeter for clues. With the suspect still on the loose, nearby businesses are now frightened for their safety, some locking their doors. Lou Gemma of Gem Statewide Plumbing even brought in a pit bull.

“The girl at my front desk brought it to my attention saying she is petrified to stay in the shop 'til they catch the guy,” Gemma said. “This doesn't happen in Englewood. She is more or less asking if we can stop by the shop when we are out running service. It's really freaked out a lot of people in this area.”

Antiques Plus is located on busy S.R. 776, right next to Tringali Community cCnter. It's a high-traffic area and deputies are hoping someone may have seen or heard something that will lead them to the person responsible.