Published: Dec 23, 2010 3:05 AM EST
Updated: Dec 23, 2010 12:20 AM EST

SOUTH FORT MYERS, Fla.- Christopher Suddith is charged with ripping off two stores while he pushed his infant along in a stroller.

On December 22, 2010, members of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Street Crimes Unit (SCU) working in plain clothes capacity identified two males acting suspiciously in the parking lot of the Barnes and Noble book store in south Fort Myers.  Unit members noticed the two males had numerous items in bags and were rearranging them into separate bags.  One of the males, identified as Michael Wilkinson, took one of the bags and walked into the neighboring Petco pet store.  Plain clothes members followed Wilkinson into the store and maintained surveillance.  Wilkinson attempted to return items to the store, but did not have a valid receipt.  SCU members met with the store manager who was able to determine that the items had not been purchased at the store.  Wilkinson informed the manager that he wanted to return the items because they did not work for his dog, yet the items Wilkinson was attempting to return were for a cat.

Video surveillance showed the other male, identified as Christopher Suddith, had entered the store minutes before Wilkinson attempting to return the same items.  Wilkinson and Suddith were both detained for questioning.  Further investigation revealed the suspects had stolen from the Petco as well as the Target store next door.  Both men were arrested and charged with theft.  The infant was released to the mother.  Among the items in Suddith's possession was a high-end baby video monitor system.