Published: Dec 22, 2010 5:23 AM EST
Updated: Dec 22, 2010 1:39 AM EST

Today the Federal Communications Commission voted to adopt "Net Neutrality" rules. If you're an Internet user, you'll want to study up on them.

"Right now, I think most people have no idea what is going on," Christina Roux of I.T. by the Sea in Fort Myers said.

It gives the FCC power to regulate the Internet, and make sure all content flows freely on a level playing field. Without net neutrality, you might not be able to access sites you want. Others could be blocked or run very slowly. Roux of I.T.. by the Sea said the small businesses would have suffered.
"If that happened, the home user would be receiving priority emails from the big guys who can pay and not from the small guy around the corner," Roux said.
Some worry the rules are too watered down. Internet carriers can still charge more to heavy downloaders and less to those who send the occasional e-mail. But the debate is not over. It still needs to go through Congress.

"We all need to pay close attention." Roux said, "because if we are not all attentive to what happens with our freedoms, nobody is going to take care of them."

Congressman Connie Mack decried the approval of new network neutrality rules saying they are, quote, "Nothing less than a Federal Government takeover of the Internet... when the Government picks winners and losers in the market, innovation and investment are stifled."