Published: Dec 14, 2010 12:33 AM EST
Updated: Dec 13, 2010 9:35 PM EST

ESTERO, FL- Hundreds of FGCU students' grades were changed, without their professors' knowledge.
Now school officials are scrambling to find out what could have caused the mix up.

FGCU nursing student Marissa Desiano says, "I took an intermediate algebra exam, I took a psychology exam, and I also took a social problems exam."

Desiano is thrilled to be done with her exams for the semester, but she's not breathing a sigh of relief just yet.

"I want to know what grades I have and what I have in my classes, of course I want to know that before I go home."

She may have to wait longer than usual, that's because school officials say several professors reported a problem with student's grades online.

Reporter Sarah Pusateri says,"Now when the professors went to enter in student's grades on the school website that's when they noticed a problem, instead of appearing blank like they should have, they'd already been filled in, and not by the professor."

Associate Vice President Hudson Roger says, "They opened their roster and then there's a grade for student's already, well I didn't enter that, so they called it in."

Fearing a potential hacker, school officials sent several emails to faculty asking them to double check the grades they'd entered.
Then the software company, Sungard, found the problem.

Roger says, "We have not been hacked, it's a glitch in the system."

The software glitch, Rogers says, takes what he calls a "phantom grade", possibly from another class, and fills in the blank. FGCU says students never saw the fake grades online.

Roger exclaims, "Oh you can not believe how grateful we are that we never got to that point!"

FGCU is working to fix the problem permanently, so there are no problems with transcripts in the future.